Lavender Pink Silk Thread Kurta Fabric


Muntaha Pure Georgette Kurta Dupatta With Jaali

Mehndi Green Premium Georgette Kurta Dupatta With Mukaish

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Product Code: Mehndi Green Premium Georgette Kurta Dupatta With Mukaish
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Fabric : Kurta      -  Premium Georgette 

               Dupatta  - Chiffon Dupatta

Length :  Kurta       -  3.25 metres

                Dupatta   - 2.5 metres

Embellishments : Mukaish Work

Thread :    Type     -  Cotton

                   Colour  -  Self

Trivia : Chikankari is an Art of delicate handwork of Lucknow. It is a handcrafted process where the wooden blocks are manually carved in various designs, and the natural stew for printing is prepared, and printed on the cloth. The chikankari craftsmen then use ten ary of the needlecraft embroidery, and perform the needlework artistically. There are 32 stitches of chikankari broadly classified into Raised stitch, Embossed and Flat stitch.  

Disclaimer : There might be a 10-15% difference in colour due to high screen resolution. Therefore, exchanges due to colour difference is not acceptable

Misspelled : Nurkari, Noorkaree, Nurkaari, Noorkary, Noor-Kari

Also known as : Dress Material, Suit Piece, Suit Length, Running Fabric

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