10 Unique ways to celebrate this Mother's Day

1. Its Time to Relax-
Look out for some good spas in your area and head to one with your mom. It time for her to take a back seat and relax. Moms are a 24x7 ninjas and even ninjas need a nice relaxation and rejunevation time. This activity requires a basic planning- Pick up your phone and make a reservation!

2. Breakfast in Bed-
Oh, this is a traditional yet the most loved one. Wake your mother up with a special Chai-Coffee. Also prepare something that your mother loves to eat, something that can make her feel nostalgic about her own childhood days. She will absolutely love it when her child will remind her about her childhood!

3. Time for a Nostalgic Ride - Adding her fav movie from the old times
A movie is always a good idea. Take a space in your house and give that place a cosy vibe where you and your mother can lie down and watch some movies she loves!
Her favourite movies can be an icing on the cake! Also dont forget to keep some munchies and drinks on the side to gulp while you both are engrossed in watching the movie!

4. Do a moms get together- Invite all your mothers (indian family special)
A Typical Indian Family does not have one mom., they have several. So why not get your laces up and plan something for all the moms in your house. Your mom, nani, dadi, aunties.....Its a special day for all!
Plan a nice lunch or dinner for everyone. Add some interesting games as part of the plan to spice up the excitement level, like tambola or cards.

5. Shopping Spree- Shop till you drop
Its her special day lets take our moms out for a shopping spree. Take her out to the mall/market to make her shop her favourite summer kurti, saree, suits.
If you do not wish to go in this heat just browse the internet, cause online shopping is equally fun with ma!

6. Bake or Cook Together
If your mom loves to cook or bake, this can a really fun activity for the duo this mother's day. You can stick to trusted recipe which the two of you love or can be experimental with something you both have been longing to eat.

7. Create Something together (get your creative juices up)
Creating something together brings a connection. You can paint/sketch together with your mom. If you mom loves to do embroidery/knitting you can spend some time doing the handwork together. Its a fun activity for this mother's day.

8. Go to mumma-daughter/ mumma-son dinner date
Somtimes the old faithful ideas are the best! Let mom decide the cuisine? Its time to take your special lady for a dinner to her favourite eating joint. Enjoy the meal!

9. Do a Karaoke Night
Create a playlist of your mom's fav tunes to hum and tap her feet to. You also add some one of the best dancing tracks to shake your body a lil bit! Sing your lungs out but don't forget to keep some chilled beverages too!

10. Book a private yoga session
Does your mom practise yoga or meditation? Going to a yoga class is something you will love to do with your mother the mother's day weekend. Try considering something special like hiring a private yoga session with meditation to fresh your mom up.